Apr 21, 2013

ATGN 054 - Good Night Sweet Prince

Its ATGN's pre-C2E2 show but sadly we are without Naki this week.  But have no fear, with special guests Anthony Bachman and Michelle Ealey the hilarity ensued.  This week there was lot of talk about Iron Man 3 and how it will compete against Man of Steel in the upcoming summer movie race.  And of course ATGN paid tribute to our friends over at the Fanboy Buzz for wrapping their long run.  The only way to properly do this is to of course play a round of Cocky Cosplay.  Check out the madness!

Don't forget we will not be live this next week as most of the cast will be at C2E2.  Keep an eye on our Twitter streams to see what might happen about an ATGN meet up at C2E2.

Our hosts:

Chris: @RoundTableNerds

Adahy: @TheAdahy

Michelle: @michelleealey

Anthony: @AnthonyBachman or https://thenextelementpodcast.podbean.com/

Apr 14, 2013

ATGN 053 - A Ninja Approaches

The ATGN crew is back and live, at least part of the time, for an all new episode with special guest Josh Hawkes (http://www.pointsofinterestpodcast.com).  Since this is ATGN there were some technical difficulties so if you watched the livestream check out the rest of the show here.

This week the show started by talking about the porn downloaded in Vatican City.  Naturally that lead to talk about porn stores and more.  But don't worry things tamed down as the crew talked the controversy over Saga #12 with Apple and news on the upcoming Cap movie.  To wrap things up Adahy had a chance to take shots at Electronic Arts... as if he needed a reason right?

Our Hosts This Week:

Chris - @RoundTableNerds

Naki - @1nerdycupcake

Adahy- @TheAdahy

Josh - @303_Ninja

Apr 11, 2013

Tabletop Bebop Episode 2: Sentinels of the Mulitverse

This month Naki, Ryan and Sean talk about the action packed adventure card game Sentinels of the Multiverse, brought to you by Greater Than Games. Learn how to run the game, what we thought of it and how we think things could be improved. We're pretty random this episode...which is about par for the course with the three of us!

Want to talk to us? You can find the show on Twitter at @TabletopBebop, or each host:

Naki: @1nerdycupcake Ryan: @plus2cents Sean: @potatowast3

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Leave us some feedback and let us know what you think! We'll see you next month as we talk all about the DC Deckbuilder!

Apr 7, 2013

ATGN Episode 52: Of Gardening and Lightsabers

This week on ATGN Jay from An Elegant Weapon joins us as we talk...gardening? Tis the season folks, as the weather is nice and its time to get those gardens started! A lot of our news this week is Star Wars related, so its a good thing we had one of the AEW boys here to help us out.

We have also decided that we are cutting down to 90 minutes of airtime, which means that we will be ending our shows a bit earlier for our live viewers. You can still catch us live at our usual time of 11am Eastern/10am Central, but we'll be ending at 12:30/11:30. Is this good or bad? Let us know!


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